What is CESU Domalin?

CESU Domalin® is an additional tax-free income stream: employees benefiting from the scheme can use it to pay for personal services provided in their home (cleaning, childcare, school tuition, etc.) or elsewhere (daycare).

It is available in voucher or on-line account form.


How it works

Flexible contributions

You have total freedom to decide on the contributions made - the eligible personal services and funding criteria, etc.

Attractive tax advantages

The statutory limit on the employer's contribution stands at €1,830 p.a. for 2020


You are free to decide on the employer/employee contribution - you can fund up to 100% if you want!


What this means for you

  • Zero payroll charges: contributions are exempt from social security charges and tax, deductible from taxable income and can give rise to a tax credit
  • Easy to manage: order and administer your CESU Domalin® plans in your dedicated online area. Track your deliveries, download invoices and statements.
  • Freedom of choice: available in voucher or on-line account form.
  • Responsible and local: our in-house customer service team is based in Toulouse, and our production centers, also located in France, have gained stringent environmental accreditations

What this mean for your employees

  • More purchasing power: the amount received is exempt from social security and supplementary contributions, and are not liable to income tax
  • More lifestyle convenience: better work-life balance everyday
  • Full spectrum of personal services: CESU Domalin® is accepted by 39,000 agreed agencies across France to pay direct workers, service providers and authorized representatives

A wide range of services

Ironing, weekly cleaning services, math home tutoring, annual hedge trimming, etc., CESU Domalin® can be used to pay for a wide range of personal services.  Every employee will find a way to use CESU Domalin® for their own benefit, whatever their needs for their daily life, their family and their dependents.


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