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We shape our offer to your entity whether it be private, public or associative, with advisory and customized follow-up services handled by a dedicated account manager. 34,000 businesses and collectivities place their trust in us and have awarded us an average score of 8.8/10.

How it works

1 voucher a day

For every meal eaten during a workday

Attractive tax rules

Employers' legal exemption limit for 2020 is €5.55 per voucher


Your company: between 50% and 60% of the meal voucher's total value / Your employees pay the rest


What this means for you

  • Zero expense: the amount funded is exempt from social security and tax contributions, and are tax deductible
  • Simple to manage: your dedicated online area makes meal vouchers easy to order and manage. Track your deliveries, download your invoices and statements, and more.
  • Flexibility: award Apetiz meal vouchers to some or all of your employees and/or agents
  • Responsible and local: our in-house customer service team is based in Toulouse, and our production centers, also located in France, have gained stringent environmental accreditations
  • Special association vouchers: "chèque Apetiz du bénévole" and "chèque Apetiz du volontaire"

What this mean for your employees

  • More purchasing power: the amount received on the meal voucher is exempt from social security and supplementary contributions, and is not liable to income tax
  • Simple to use: Pay by voucher or by Apetiz card using contactless, mobile or on-line payment methods
  • Available everywhere: 220,000 outlets throughout France: restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, greengrocers, food stores, and more.

Choose a card over a cheque

Simplified logistics:

  • No more hassle giving out voucher books every month. Save on postage, storage and distribution costs
  • The card is valid for 4 years and loads in just one click


  • Payment down to the last cent

  • Contactless payment, by mobile app (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay) or internet

  • The balance is guaranteed against loss and theft once the card has been blocked


Mobile app

  • Users can track their balance

  • Transaction statements

  • Cancel their card in the event of loss or theft

  • Locate a nearby restaurant using the geotab function

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