A solution for everyone

Are you looking to thank or reward your customers or employees? Are you planning a marketing campaign? Do you want to place an employee benefit order for an ACOSS-qualifying event? Whether you are from an SEC, a business, a craftsperson, a retailer or an association, a CADO Chèque or CADO Carte is the ideal solution.


Key benefits

Advantages for tax and payroll contributions

Efficient solution from a payroll contribution and tax perspective under the regulations in force.

Flexible to use

CADO Chèque and CADO Carte are valid for one year from their date of issue

Time saver

An easy to use and rapidly implemented solution arranged through cadostore.com or with the help of an account manager.


Personalize your cards

Are you looking to add that special touch? We can personalize our CADO solutions by displaying the names of your beneficiaries as well as your corporate colors.

What's more, you can choose between several packaging options for your gift.

Trusted to deliver

CADO Chèque and CADO Carte are solutions widely used by SMEs, businesses, social and economic committees (SEC), charitable associations and administrations for marketing purposes and for employee benefits.


We are very satisfied with the CADO voucher plan so we decided to extend our partnership to cover the 2019-2020 back-to-school campaign. 

Karim Bouhaddad, SEC Secretary at ENGIE

Associated services

CADO Store

A dedicated website and an app that can be downloaded free of charge

For those making the gift:

  • Place your orders directly
  • Track your orders
  •  Remember your details

For beneficiaries:

  • Geolocate a retailer
  • Configure your account
  • Claim discounts


With CADO Live, share an image with your beneficiaries

Using our CADO Live service, record a video message, or send a picture or a text that your beneficiaries will see when they activate their CADO Carte. Just another way to forge closer relationships with your employees, your customers and your friends.


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