Why choose Weezen

  • To take advantage of a bespoke platform providing cutting-edge digital solutions for social benefit payments
  • To make life simpler for your beneficiaries by providing them with an easy-to-use payment system and tracking tools

How it works

A simple card

A reloadable, pre-paid smartcard with confidential PIN

On-line beneficiary accounts

Secure on-line area: expenditure tracking, transaction statements, access to customer service 24/7

Detailed reporting

Tracking of beneficiaries' expenditures and how they use the payments they receive by type of store on a dedicated platform


Save time and track transaction

Remote load your beneficiaries' accounts using our secure Weezen platform.

In just a few clicks, you can track your beneficiaries' spending, or expenditures, by type of store thanks to regular, detailed reporting.

Key benefits

Support and guidance

With this prepaid solution, you can make life simpler for your beneficiaries, while helping them to stay in control of their budget


You decide on the geographical area and types of expenditures for which beneficiaries can use Weezen, as well as on the length of the plan


Weezen is a fully-fledged banking service, with a secure delivery, activation and loading system

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