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  • NATIXIS PAYMENT SOLUTIONS – Joint-stock company established under French law, with a share capital of € 53,559,264.
  • Registered office: 30, avenue Pierre Mendès-France – 75013 Paris
  • Tel.: +33 1 58 32 30 00
  • Registration at the Trade and Companies Registry of Paris under n°345 155 337 – APE: 6419 Z
  • Intra-Community Code – VAT Registration number: FR 44 345 155 337
  • Approval: Natixis Payment Solutions is a credit institution authorized in France by ACPR – Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution – 4, Place de Budapest, CS 92459, 75436 PARIS CEDEX 09.
  • Natixis Payment Solutions’ banking and financial activities fall under the French Monetary and Financial Code.
  • Contact :
  • A member of FBF – Fédération Bancaire Française, the professional organization that represents all banks operating in France.
  • Head of publications: Pierre-Antoine Vacheron
  • Chief editor: Nathalie Mathieu
  • Company ownership: 100% owned by Natixis
  • Host: Natixis Altaïr IT Shared Services, 4 rue Charles Gounod, 77185 LOGNES. Tel. +33 1 58 19 11 00
  • Reserved domain name: is a subdomain name of Natixis registered on October 20, 2006 with France Télécom.
  • Pictures: Russ Rohde/ ; Oscar Wong/ ; Brooke Cagle/Unsplash ; Istochkcom


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