The best purchasing experience


Let your customers pay simply online using any device - mobile phones, tablets and PCs - with a responsive payment page.


Automatically increase sales by offering your customers a personalized and simpler experience.


Benefit from the advice of our account managers, who are dedicated to making your business a success.


Payment facilities for your customers

Use our solution to collect fractioned payments and satisfy online visitors seeking payment facilities. Your customers need not take any steps in particular. Payment by instalments is as easy as paying outright.


Payment in just one click

Offer your customers the one-click payment option. Simplify their purchasing experience with this efficient technique.  Their data is stored securely using a PCI DSS certified solution, which is the strictest security standard in existence for the processing and storage of bank data.


Payment requests by e-mail and SMS

Allow your customers to pay with a few clicks by email or SMS from a simple link to a secure payment page. Your customer will only have to fill in his bank details. Convenient for telephone orders!


A secure and intelligent payment system

Stay one step ahead of fraud and protect yourself using our "Smart 3-D Secure" solution. Our predictive algorithm applies the 3-D Secure card-holder authentication system to only the riskiest transactions in your online store, making the rest more fluid.

Trusted to deliver

Thousands of merchants daily across France and in the rest of Europe are already using the solution developed by our fintech PayPlug to collect their payments. Some references:

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