Stay on top of connected retail technology with cardholder tokenization, which will feed your CRM data! 

Your unique acceptance solution

  • Install unique software to take your customers' preferred means of payment and payment methods.
  • A solution for all your points of sale in France and the rest of Europe

Fleet management

  • Centralized activation and deactivation of terminals
  • Configuration and updates of payment terminal software: choice of accepted means of payment - American Express, CB, contactless payment, prepaid cards and multi-currency management.
  • Configuration of alternative means of payment, such as ApplePay, Samsung Pay, WeChat by QR code, fee-for-service and/or in instalments.
  • Fraud management

Flow centralization

  • Transaction routing, authorization and payment in real time
  • Comprehensive real-time sales reporting at all points of sale
  • Bank reconciliation to the last cent with our Dalenys acquisition offer
  • Pre-built solutions for omnichannel offers (integration with online acquisition solution)

Plug and play

Our solution is based on the new European Nexo standard which offers banking and functional interoperability (tills, terminals, means of payment and currency) to accelerate its deployment in your points of sale.

Compatible with the main manufacturers - Ingenico, Pax and Verifone - the solution is applied to all types of terminals - standard, mobile and smart.

Its rapid and secure integration in your till system is pre-loaded with the other solutions of our fintech Dalenys: marketplace, full-service PSP and unified data portal.


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