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Reduce transaction time and queues in store. Drive omni-commerce and loyalty by connecting in-store and online purchases. Analyse customers and create sales events quickly and easily that drive transaction volume.

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Use the same payment solutions that are trusted by these great companies to help them grow and innovate.

Je suis totalement satisfait. Avec mes magasins nomades, je pouvais suivre le flux du public et adapter mon dispositif en temps réel. J'ai généré de nouvelles ventes que je ne pouvais réaliser avant, c'était trop compliqué.
Hugues R.Directeur du Merchandising

Online Payments.

Built to be user friendly.

Based on a touch pad, this is a digital payment experience. Accept all payments, use the apps on the touch pad to analyse trends and transactions. The system also contains training videos, to ensure every member of staff can use it.

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How the system works.


Take CB, VISA, Mastercard, Applepay and Pylib as well as digital restaurant cards by contactless.


View and analyse trends in real time to see patterns that help build in loyalty and increase sales.


The solution can be up and running in minutes, and is mobile, enabling reduction in floor space in store and mobile sales.

Smart POS terminal in detail.

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