Natixis Payments launches Samsung Pay for meal voucher service Apetiz users

Natixis Payments now enables Apetiz customers to use Samsung Pay for a simple and secure payment experience that addresses today’s changing usage.

Apetiz users with a Samsung Galaxy* smartphone can now pay for their meals using Samsung Pay on a contactless payment terminal at all Apetiz-accepting stores and restaurants. Users simply need to register their Apetiz card in Samsung Pay and can then use their smartphone directly on the contactless payment terminal to pay the exact amount for their meal.

Apetiz is Natixis Payments’ employee meal voucher solution, which offers both social levy and tax optimization benefits. It is a leading meal voucher service provider in France, with more than 30,000 client companies and 880,000 employee beneficiaries, who can use the service in 180,000 participating stores and restaurants right across France.

Samsung Pay is a simple, swift and secure solution, developed in collaboration with Natixis Payments and available across 24 countries. Transactions worldwide recently exceeded the 1.3 billion.

Natixis Payments is at the cutting edge of mobile electronic meal voucher technology as we support today’s changing usage. We are pleased to be able to offer Apetiz users our Samsung Pay service and are sure that they will welcome this simple and secure service – it’s easy to forget your meal voucher card, but we always have our phones at hand” explains Stephan Dixmier, Head of Issuing & Prepaid Solutions business unit.


* Compatible smartphones: Galaxy Note9, Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S9, S9+, Galaxy S8, S8+, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Galaxy A9, Galaxy A8, Galaxy A7, Galaxy A6, A6+, Galaxy A5 (2017)


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Natixis Sonia Dilouya, Vanessa Stephan

 +33 1 58 32 01 03 |  +33 1 58 19 34 16

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