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Outgoing payments

Our outgoing payments solution enables instant transfers in real time in France and the rest of Europe, and notifies you of payments made.

An instant outgoing payment story

You urgently need to pay a supplier who requests payment of the invoice in return for the delivery of goods that are in the truck.

Your management system calls the API provided by Natixis Payments to let you issue an instant payment.

You enter all the payment details, which we receive:

  • It takes a split second to check that you are actually the person making the request and that there are sufficient funds in your account!
  • You will receive a successful transaction message in less than 10 seconds, in which time the truck has already been unloaded

Incoming payments

Our incoming payment solutions include PSD 2 opportunities.

Using the HUB solution, our clients can initiate payments as a Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) anywhere in Europe and on all types of transactions, by standard payment order or using Instant Payment.

An initiated payment collection story

One of your clients lost track of his account balance and your monthly debit order was rejected. You can immediately initiate a payment order on the bank account.

Using the Natixis Payments API, you send us your client's bank account details, the transaction amount, the reference to identify the amount payable and we will take care of the rest:

  • We will send a request for payment on your behalf to your client's bank from his bank account,
  • We format the payment order and send it to his bank,
  • You are immediately notified that the order has been accepted,
  • A few seconds later you will see that the funds have been paid into your bank account.

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